MBA Lecture Videos

Want to do an MBA for free? These 21 resources are GOLD, save this post for future:


1) Leadership: Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership School: Wharton

2) Marketing: Marketing Management School: Wharton

3) Microeconomics: Microeconomics for Managers School: MIT

4) Financial Theory School: Yale

5) Financial Markets School: Yale

6) Private Equity: Perspectives and Limited and General Partners School: Wharton

7) Private Equity: The Consolidation Play and Due Diligence School: Wharton

8) Principles of Microeconomics School: wharton School: MIT

9) Game Theory School: Yale

10) How to Launch a Successful Startup Company School: MIT 11) Blockchain and Money School: MIT

12 How to Speak School: MIT

13) Scale School School: Wharton

14) Growth through acquisition School: Wharton

15) Valuation School: NYU Aswath Damodaran’s Valuation series

16) Negotiation School: Stanford

17) Supply chain Management School: MIT

18) Human Resource Management School: HFU

19) Corporate Finance School: NYU School: Corporate Finance Institute

20) Financial Management School: IIT Roorkee

21) Organizational Culture School: Stanford

22) Operation Management School: IITR

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