Open Cyber Security Course

πŸ”1. Intro to Information Security by Udacity:Β
πŸ”2. Network Security by Udacity:Β
πŸ”3. Introduction to Cybersecurity:Β
πŸ”4. Cybersecurity Essentials:Β
πŸ”5. Networking Essentials:Β
πŸ”6. NSE 1,2 & 3:Β
πŸ”7. Information Security by OpenLearn:Β
πŸ”8. Network Security by OpenLearn:Β
πŸ”9. Risk Management by Open Learn:Β
πŸ”10. Certified in Cybersecurityβ„  – CC:Β
πŸ”11. CCNA Security Courses:Β
πŸ”12. Network Defense Essentials (NDE):Β
πŸ”13. Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE):Β
πŸ”14. Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE):Β
πŸ”15. Dark Web, Anonymity, and Cryptocurrency:Β
πŸ”16. Digital Forensics by Open Learn:Β
πŸ”17. AWS Cloud Certifications (Cybersecurity):Β
πŸ”18. Microsoft Learn for Azure:Β
πŸ”19. Google Cloud Training:Β
πŸ”20. Android Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt Like a Rat:Β
πŸ”21. Vulnerability Management:Β
πŸ”22. Software Security:Β
πŸ”23. Developing Secure Software:Β
πŸ”24. PortSwigger Web Hacking:Β
πŸ”25. RedTeaming:Β
πŸ”26. Splunk:Β
πŸ”27. Secure Software Development:Β
πŸ”28. Maryland Software Security:Β
πŸ”29. Stanford Cyber Resiliency:Β

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